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Asthma & Allergy of Nevada

is saving over $50,000 a year on transcription costs alone since implementing EZ EHR. "And the time savings," says medical director Dr. Richard Henry, "is even more valuable than the monetary savings."

The seven-office practice adopted EHR in 2009, primarily to improve efficiency. “With Medicare and Medicaid continuing to cut reimbursements,” says Dr. Henry, “how do you battle back as a business? By being more efficient.”

All paperwork is now electronic, from the patient intake form to the doctor’s notes—entered directly into the EHR record. Dr. Henry often doesn’t even take the patient’s chart in to the room. “I just take my tablet computer in, and I’ve got all the data,” he says.

In addition to efficiency and convenience, the EHR implementation improves reimbursements. It automates the review of systems, creating a more complete record.

Asthma & Allergy of Idaho uses EZ’s integrated suite of EHR and practice management software. “It makes no sense to implement EHR separately from practice management,” Dr. Henry explains. Separate systems require redundant data entry, put data integrity at risk, and complicate the practice’s processes. Using one database for the two applications streamlines work processes. For example, if someone in the office finds a typo in a patient’s name, they can change it right then and there, in the screen they are on, and the change will automatically show up in the rest of the system.

Dr. Henry worked closely with EZ to shape the product to meet his needs. EZ Healthcare’s strategy is to team with a leading physician in a given practice area to tailor the product’s templates for use in that specialty. EZ’s collaboration with Dr. Henry has resulted in an allergy-specific solution that is now available to the rest of the specialty.