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Pain Institute of Nevada

is enjoying access to electronic records from anywhere in the world now that the firm has implemented EZ EHR. "Even one lost record means hundreds of dollars in lost productivity," says the Institute's Dr. Walter Kidwell. "My practice no longer has this risk."

An early adopter of EHR, Dr. Kidwell found the potential benefits of EHR so compelling that he began researching it long before the government mandate was in place. “Now I’m ahead of the game, and am saving money based on the efficiencies I’ve achieved,” he says “—even aside from the government reimbursements.” For one thing, he is saving about $3,000 per month on transcription fees, since a lot of the notes he used to have transcribed are now entered directly into the EHR.

Dr. Kidwell chose EZ EHR for its flexibility. “This product easily conforms to a physician’s processes and preferences,” he says, “unlike some products, which require you to conform to them.” In fact, the product is so easy to modify that Dr. Kidwell creates many of his own templates.

Dr. Kidwell appreciates the instant access to all of the practice’s records made possible by EHR. “It’s as if I always have the charts with me,” he says. “And no lost records ever again.”

Another key benefit of his EHR implementation is better internal communication. With electronic records, everything is available to the entire team, so it is much easier to share information.