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ICD-9 to ICD-10 Software

Installation and Training

We know how much concern exists in the medical community about ICD-10 as many of you have voiced this to our support team.  That being said, We are pleased to tell you that EZ Healthcare have completed system updates for ICD-10 and I think that you will find our ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion extremely user friendly and EZ!   (Sorry, We can’t help ourselves;  We're so excited and pleased with our product and conversion plan.)

Lately, the big catch-word for the interfacing with ICD-10 has been “Transition”.  There are bills before congress trying to build a delay for ICD-10 in specific areas.  We have already addressed this in our software, and you will have the ability to move to ICD-10 in some areas and not in others.  You select who, when, and where.

We are conducting a series of update webinars for our existing customers. If you are not already an EZ Healthcare customer and are concerned about your current EHR system being ready on time, or its ease of use, please contact us at (888) 731-5530. We will be glad to answer your questions about EZ-EHR in general, and explain how we have engineered our software and its ICD-10 compliance to include industry leading features and a smooth transition for you.


EZ Healthcare’s integrated suite of software for physicians supports both EHR and practice management with one easy-to-use application. Combining these two functions in one software suite prevents errors and improves data integrity. The EZ Healthcare EZ Office Suite includes two basic modules: EZ EHR, our electronic health record product that conforms to Meaningful Use standards, and EZ Billing, our popular practice management solution.

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