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About Us

EZ Healthcare provides software for physicians.With over 20 years of experience serving healthcare practices, our technical team has both the technical expertise and the healthcare-practice knowledge to support your practice successfully. The firm is an established leader in practice management software and an innovator in electronic health records (EHR) software. EZ EHR is known for its flexibility—it can be quickly customized to support a practioner’s current clinical forms and work processes. Founded in 1983, EZ Healthcare began an expansion in 2010 with the addition of computer-industry veteran Rick Martin as CEO. The firm is headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana with technical operations located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and offices throughout the country.


Management team:


Rick Martin, CEO

Rick Martin joined EZ Healthcare in 2010. He is also CEO of Concerned Care Home Health and Hospice, located in New Orleans, and is a partner in VentureWest Partners, LLC, a private equity and executive consulting firm. Rick spent the first half of his career at IBM, where he was most recently responsible for CRM strategy, organizational effectiveness, and business transformation.

Kerina Blauer, VP Client Services

Kerina manages service and support at EZ Healthcare. With a background in the IT industry, Kerina brings a broad technical background to her role, with deep knowledge of hardware, software, and networking. Kerina has been with EZ for over 14 years. Prior to joining EZ, she was network administrator for Utah’s Cassia County school system. In addition to her management responsibilities, Kerina works directly with clients on implementation, training, software customization, and compliance with government healthcare requirements. Her current focus is EHR implementation and customization, including the creation of specialty-specific versions of EZ EHR.

Jim Cannon, SVP Sales and Marketing

Jim Cannon joined EZ Healthcare in 2010. A results-driven, visionary leader, Jim has a long history of sales success within software firms. Jim spent several years at IBM as a management consultant in the e-business Solutions Division, where he worked with senior management teams to develop CRM-driven growth strategies and improve their sales effectiveness.